Do you need a professional piano mover?

Aren't all movers the same? Outside of a number of trucks and work capacity, not really, no. But when it comes to moving your piano the difference is significant. Pianos are instruments, not furniture. To be sure, if pianos were merely furniture, they would still be large items in need of a lot of careful handling to move safely.

Pianos are one of the most intricate instruments a homeowner can own. Not to mention, the piano is one of the most expensive instruments you can own! The typical value of a piano can range from $3,000 - $25,000!

The interior of a piano is extremely delicate. The mishandling of a piano can cause damage to the interior of the instrument simply from the pull of gravitational forces. A skilled piano mover will be aware of all of the inner workings of your instrument and move it in kind, on specialized piano-moving equipment, most frequently a skid board. Professional piano movers are also very well versed in the process of partially disassembling a piano (this involves the removal of legs, the music stand, foot pedals, and any other delicate objects) to be moved safely.

If you think hiring a professional piano mover is expensive, you should hear how expensive repair to a damaged piano is! Repairs to a damaged piano range from the hundreds to the thousands! We always recommend that a piano be tuned after a move as gravitational forces will often knock pins out of alignment. Having your piano tuned after your move is also a good time to have it inspected for damage that may have occurred during the move, or at any other time.

Pianos need to be handled correctly. To ensure that your piano doesn't skip a beat, give the professional piano movers a call today!