How Escorts Can Find Genuine Clients Quickly!

How Escorts Can Find Genuine Clients Quickly!

Finding prospective clients quickly who are genuine and are interested in booking your escort services is not as hard as one might think, in fact, it's quite easy!

To learn how you can book prospective genuine clients quickly, simply read on, it's that simple!

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Screen for Valuable Clients

Knowing how to screen for valuable clients may seem difficult to new and existing escorts who haven't quite grasped the concept of weeding out time-wasters who are only looking to chat with you for free and not actually book your escort services.

Stay Patient

There may be day's where you feel that all of the prospective clients that are messaging you are just trying to waste your time, however, if you stay patient and apply some strategies, you will find that you will become more assertive very quickly and disengage with those time-wasters almost immediately.

Advertise Your Escort Services Clearly

To eliminate potential clients who are really not interested in your escort services, make sure you advertise what you can offer them precisely and clearly.

Being Clear and Precise

Being clear and precise with your escort ad will help to elevate unwanted clients messaging you as they will clearly be able to see that certain escort services are not only offered, they will also not be excepted if they chose to try them on you when they come to see you. By being firm about your expectations in your escort advertising, you may eliminate clients who may not respect your rules.

Be Clear About Prices

Being clear about your prices for your escort services will also help to eliminate unwanted clients who are not prepared to pay what you are asking for.

If you are a professional high-class escort for example who commands high prices only, then you will want to include in your escort profile that your prices are set and you won't consider any monetary offers that are below your listed prices.

Clients Will Try to Negotiate

Many clients will try and negotiate with you, so make sure you stay firm, include your prices in your listing and terminate any correspondence you have with potential clients who are trying to bargain with you immediately!

Eliminate Chit Chat

Eliminate communication immediately with clients who are looking to chit chat. Genuine clients don't usually chit chat, they ask direct questions and book your escort service quickly.

Many prospective clients that you have never met before are quite often bored and looking to pass their time by, so to fill in their time they will try to string you along by chit chatting with you.

New Escorts in Australia

Many new escorts who work within Australia, haven't quite figured out all the different types of potential clients that are out there, so they will tend to initially chit chat with everyone, this is a big mistake and basically can be rectified within in time and experience.

Many new escorts try to be way too polite to clients who are time wasters, therefore it is extremely important to be firm from the very beginning and cut ties with clients who are clearly not going to book your escort services.

Cut Ties Quickly

When clients look like they only want to chit chat with you, cut them ties quickly as possible. Let them know you have a client arriving in one minute so you need to go.

Tell them if they want to make a booking for your escort services, could they quickly tell you when they would like to come and see you and what escort services, they are looking for. If they continue messaging, cut them short and leave, you are just wasting time and energy!

Stick to Your Word

Stick to your word and end the messaging within the one-minute time frame you gave them, otherwise they will try and engage with you for as long as possible.

Well-seasoned clients who are simply time wasters and never book, have been around for a while, and tend to prey on new escorts especially, however they will also target escorts who are nice and an easy pushover. Trust your instincts and end the messaging ASAP, otherwise, you will spend your day entreating time wasters and never make any money!

How to Spot Genuine Clients

Learning how to spot and book genuine clients quickly is one of the first and most vital steps to making money as a professional escort. If you spend your day messaging back and forth with time wasters, then you will never make any money, so before you engage as an escort in capital cities as Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, make sure that you know what to look out for.

The behaviour of Genuine Clients

New escorts in Australia, should look out for characteristics and behaviours of genuine clients. Genuine clients usually ask legitimate questions regarding your escort services and prices to begin with, from there, they will usually enquire about your location, timings, location and parking.

Gathering Necessary Information

After they have gathered the necessary information, they will either go ahead and book your escort services based on the information you gave them, or they will decline with a reason as to why they won't go ahead and make a day and time to come and see you, it's that simple!

In summary…

As a new and existing escort, you always need to trust your intuition and cut clients loose when they start chit-chatting, they will never make a firm booking with you.

Make sure you are clear and precise with your advertising information and look for genuine clients who ask genuine questions, then go ahead and book with you immediately.