What Is Mobile Sandblasting Used For?

What Is Mobile Sandblasting Used For?

Sandblasting, commonly referred to as abrasive blasting, is a generic term used to describe forcibly propelling abrasive material against a hard surface at high speeds. The intent is usually to clean, smoothen, and or shape the surfaces.

With mobile sandblasting, the equipment used needs to be portable to make transportation from location to location possible. Usually, the end result of the sandblasting is similar to when sandpaper is used. The main difference is that the finish is more even, and the corners are in perfect condition.

An air compressor usually powers the portable abrasive blast systems. Such systems are typically mounted on trailers making transportation easier. A range of media for blasting is used. They include glass beads, pumice, steel grit, walnut shells, crushed glass grit, and acrylic.

This process is vital when preparing to coat surfaces. This is because it creates surfaces that properly hold a protective coating.

Other avenues where mobile sandblasting is used include:

Cleaning structural steel or machinery

Brick cleaning

Paint car removal

Graffiti removal

Paint stripping

Bitumen removal

Advantages of Mobile Sandblasting

Saves on time

Generally, sandblasting is incorporated when labour-intensive cleaning methods, such as wire-brushing, cannot be used. This significantly reduces the time used to get surfaces ready. This allows businesses to remain productive with little downtime.

Pollutants are quickly and efficiently removed from surfaces, particularly when expert service providers conduct the project. A surface that would take hours when cleaned manually, for example, could be completed in minutes with mobile sandblasting.

Increases lifespan of equipment

When metallic equipment is plagued with rust, this not only makes them inefficient but also leaves them looking rough. Leaving the rust unattended will allow it to spread. This leaves room for industrial accidents due to equipment malfunction. By sandblasting, however, materials are left looking new, all while increasing their lifespan.


Mobile sandblasting can be used in a range of industries for different scenarios. Other than being used on large surfaces, it is also great for delicate surfaces and precision parts. Of course, different projects will require different media. Research is necessary when picking sandblasting service providers, as they can tell which media to use for a particular project.

Environmental friendly and safe

Harsh chemicals are used when cleaning most surfaces. Such chemicals can be harmful when breathed in. With sandblasting, on the other hand, the material used is safe and non-toxic for both the equipment and the environment. Clients don't have to worry about their items being damaged by this cleaning process.

All sandblasting professionals should maintain safety measures during the cleaning processes. While the media used is not generally hazardous, there is the risk of it penetrating into naked skin. This is because of the high velocity at which they are projected. Protective clothing includes helmets, hearing protection such as plugs and gloves, and overalls for body protection.

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